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Cookbook Publishing

Cookbook Publishing that's EASY, FUN, & PROFITABLE! Fundcraft Publishing, a cookbook publishing company established in 1906, has helped thousands of groups... from national charities, church groups, civic organizations and more... earn money year after year by publishing local recipes in their own professionally prepared personalized fundraising cookbooks.

Save & type your own recipes with Short/Cut™ (recipe typing software)! Or submit your recipes and Fundcraft will type & proof the recipes for FREE! It's fast, fun and easy! And, Fundraising with cookbooks is a dignified way for any group to raise thousands of dollars! And, at the same time cookbook publishing can preserve those timeless keepsake recipes. Cookbooks are used often and rarely ever thrown away. First of all, everyone loves a good recipe! And, cookbooks tend to be collected and also passed along to others which can help to create a "constant awareness" of your church, charity or other group.

"The Fundcraft Cookbook Publishing Program is Guaranteed to Raise Money. You Collect the Recipes and We'll Do the Rest!"

Personalized fundraising cookbooks for your church, school, favorite charity, civic organization, hospital group or employee group will
raise $1,000 to $10,000 every time. Combine our professional cover and section divider designs with your own hometown recipes, and create a 'Recipe For Success' to meet your fundraising goals - by using us as your cookbook publisher! The one-of-a-kind cookbook will sell on site to anyone in the community. Please browse the site and see what Fundcraft's Publishing program has to offer.

We print more than just your personalized cookbook. This book publishing company prints almost any media imaginable. We can print your next photobook, calendar, photo card, photo directory, yearbook, announcements, etc. We also print notebooks and puzzles! Contact us for all your printing needs. We look forward to serving you and being your book publisher.



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